A luxury bike for home gym, or club.

fitbill S723 is a spinnig bike designed for commercial use.

Innovative design and technology.

  • Brand: fitbill
  • Model: S723
  • Style: Spinning
  • Color: Shiny silver light lacquer that bake
  • Drive: Belt
  • Fly wheel: 44 Lbs two-way
  • Paddles: Alumium
  • Brake knob: Aluminum alloy brake knob
  • Saddle: DD-2681 Eight surface of aluminium alloy Handlebar: Eight surface of aluminium (Cut plastic arm rest)
  • Max weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Net weight: 128 Lbs
  • Packing meas: 43.3*8.9*34.3 inches

It offers smooth, quiet pedaling action similar to outdoor biking.

Effortless transport from workout to
storage is made simple with frontend nylon wheels
and cushioned handlebar for stability and balance

Comfort for everyone
Adjustable seat can be set vertically and horizontally. Suitable for user 5-6.3 feet。

Quality Fitness Products To Inspire & Motivate

ESmartGym/fitbill has stated that “to those just beginning an exercise regime, it should be about good quality, value and SMART features of their exerciser and  commitment to a personal fitness program through continually tracking their progress”.  This is essential to creating a discipline of personal accountability.  Unfortunately for most of us it takes more than a need to work out but rather a passion for exercise becoming the way to a healthy lifestyle.

fitbill S723 provides even smooth variable work load resistance  reducing fatigue while allowing increased exercise routine.

Quality Control
5,000 hours of  bearing tests
1,000 hours resistance tests
900  emergency brake tests

It features the latest technology when synced with our free fitbill android or IOS fitness training program with tracking app.

Fitbill not only provides a good value in exercise equipment selection, but has enlisted the expertise of a renowned training specialist to provide the optimum program recommendations. Terry Linde, has thirty one years of experience, credentials, guidance and recognition in the fitness industry.

Gradual progress is achieved through Beginner,
Skilled and Master performance programs that can produce effective calorie burn and fitness/wellness results when following guidelines, within 3 months time.

The fitbill APP provides an easy way for all users to
create unlimited customized training programs.
Whether you want a fast calorie burn workout, or just a “ride around” daily exercise, the app gives you time, speed, distance and estimated calories burned. You will be able to see the results to keep you motivated and on pace.

IOS fitness App enables user to create personalized exercise programs and view activity while exercising.

Fitbill App Users Guide

Before you begin
Enclosed you will find the EsConn Bluetooth adapter and power cable.  Charge the EsConn before attaching to the black cord receptacle to your exerciser.
Download & Install
The fitbill app is available for free download on the Apple App Store or Google Play, depending on your device platform.  Enter “fitbill” and search.   Install, open and then the fitbill logo will appear on your screen.  Be sure to check from time to time for updates to the latest version.
Create your Account
You can use any combination of letters or numbers as your log in ID.
Program your workouts
Select “Workout” from the “Me” screen to Add the exerciser(s) you have purchased.  Next select “Custom Program”.  Depress the plus sign to create one. Under Custom Program name your workout in the upper portion of your screen where it says “Label”.
Select Trainer Program from the selected platform screen.  Choose the desired program.  Follow the prompts for start.  Continue to swipe left to see layers of your custom programs, summary and history.